We believe in Responsible Gaming and take our responsibility in this matter seriously as we are aware of the social and financial problems related to gaming. For us, gaming should only be done for entertainment and recreational purposes that guarantees customers a pleasant recreational experience all year round. We urge our customers to have fun, but not bet beyond their means, as we are concerned that gaming for some other customers, might be a harmful activity. To assist such customers, BetArena has developed a series of measures for Responsible Gaming which allows customers to limit their spending, stay in control of their gaming activities and, if necessary, choose to exclude themselves for a certain period.


Gaming can be fun, exciting but there is no economic or mathematical certainty because of course, it’s only a game, and just like every game, you either win or lose. Remembering that you can either win or lose gives you the consciousness to never stake more money than you can afford to lose. If you win, it means you are having super fun and if you lose, it still means you spent your money to buy yourself some entertainment at the right price. What is the right price? For sure it’s what you can afford to gamble while feeling completely at ease. You decide in advance how much to spend on betting and never exceed that limit. You keep the commitment you have made to yourself. Naturally, we offer you the chance to personalize your daily, weekly and monthly spending limit by simply contacting our Customer Success team through You can also chat us up through our live chat box and we will be happy to assist you in personalizing your daily, weekly and monthly spending limit.


Protecting minors is a fundamental part of our responsible betting policy. It is against the law for people below the age of 18 years to open a gaming account with BetArena. We immediately check the identity of all customers to prevent the services offered on our website being used by minors. Below are some of the things that you should note:
  1. Players below the age of 18 are prohibited from gambling.
  2. We have measures to prevent under-age-betting. Everyone signing up on our Platform must tick the age-18-box to indicate that they are over the age of 18 and the failure to tick this box will lead to an immediate rejection of such registration.
  3. Parents and guardians also have a role to play in ensuring that their children do not indulge in under-age gaming on BetArena. Some of these roles include:
  4. Not sharing your computer or phone log-in-details with your children and locking your computers and phones in other to prevent unauthorized access.
  5. Educating your children about the dangers of underage gaming.
  6. Using Website Filtering Software to monitor or restrict your children’s access to the internet. Some of the recommended software are: CyperPatrol (, Net Nanny (, GamBlock ( and CYBERsitter (


Check periodically to assess your gambling habits. We would like to help you to better understand and correct them if necessary. Start from this easy test:
  1. When you lose money, do you feel lost or depressed?
  2. When you lose money, do you want to keep playing just to win back what you have lost?
  3. Do you borrow money to place bets?
  4. Do you always run out of cash because you used all our money to place bets?
  5. Do you gamble to escape a boring or unhappy life?
  6. Have you lost interest in your work, family, friends, or hobbies because of betting?
  7. Do you ever feel suicidal because of betting?
  8. Do you see gaming as an alternative source of income or a way to recoup debt?
If you have responded yes to more than four questions above, that is an indication that betting is no longer a form of entertainment for you and may constitute a serious problem. Therefore, seriously consider the possibility of taking a break and seek help.


  1. Gamble for fun; don’t look at gambling as a way of making money.
  2. Set your betting limit- Invest in gambling only the amounts of money that you could possibly afford to lose and do not gamble the money that you need for daily living.
  3. Decide how much time to dedicate to gambling and don’t exceed this limit.
  4. Decide how much money to invest in your entertainment and respect the decision you have made.
  5. Don’t chase losses; accept the outcome as the cost of entertainment.
  6. Don’t ask for credit for gambling.
  7. Ensure that you know the rules of the game and the house edge.
  8. Balance the time that you dedicate to gambling with other leisure activities.
  9. Don’t gamble to escape from loneliness or depression, only gamble for the desire to play and have fun.
  10. Do not bet if your clarity has been impaired by alcohol or drugs.


If you wish to speak to someone, contact our customer success team available from 07:00 – 23:00, 7 days a week. Furthermore you can refer to Gamblealert or Gamcare for further assistance.